There, before: photographs and video by Isak Berbic

For Immediate Release: January 2, 2014
SAC Art Gallery, Student Activities Center, Stony Brook University
There, before: photographs and video by Isak Berbic
FEBRUARY 2 – 26, 2015

Opening Reception:
Thursday, February 5, 2015
4–7 pm

Artist Lecture:
Monday, February 9, 2015
12–1:30 pm

SAC Art Gallery Hours: m/t/th 12–7 pm; w 12–8 pm
Tel: +1.631.632.6822

A droning camera surveys sections of landscape formations, finding points of depth on the surface of the image. A meteorite named Akaba, which fell near Ma’an, Jordan in 1949, reveals the story. There, before opens with an anecdote inspired by the proto-science fiction narrative, “Awaj bin Anfaq” written by the 13th century thinker Zakariya Al-Qazwini, about a being that came to earth from a distant planet. The film unfolds into a contemplative sequence of associations and subjunctive fragments on climate, natural resources, and geologic time in connection with the Anthropocene age of human impact.

[ image credit] There, before, 2014
Digitized color film, CGI, HD 60p video, with sound, Runtime: 13 minutes
Twelve photographs and six text inter-titles. Pigment prints on paper.