Faculty member Stephanie Dinkins selected for the prestigious 2017 Eyebeam Residency in Art and Technology, New York

Each year, Eyebeam invites a select group to engage technology and society through art. Eyebeam provides a vibrant launchpad for invention and dialogue for those exploring and creating the future. Eyebeam’s values of openness, invention and justice drive its mission to fund the unfundable then share it globally through presentations, workshops, online initiatives and inventive programs. The new group is about to take their place at Eyebeam’s studios: the heart of technology by artists. They were chosen through an open call focusing on Trust in the context of technology and society. The selected artists for 2017 are American Artist, ​insisting on both the visibility of blackness and erasure in virtual spaces; BUFU, ​creating an app that makes accessible a virtual archive and emergency resources for homeless QTPOC; Stephanie Dinkins, ​creating an AI entity that reflects the concerns of communities of color; Dhruv Mehrotra​, working on “Othernet: Internet Island,” an autonomous alternative to the Internet.