New Publications

Karen Lloyd has a chapter in the newly published edited volume, The New World in Early Modern Italy, 1492-1750 (Cambridge University Press). The book breaks new ground in studying the interconnected worlds of Italy and the Americas. Dr. Lloyd’s essay analyzes the dissemination and reception of the image and cult of the Peruvian Virgin of Copacabana in Italy, considering why and how the image came to Italy, and why it ultimately failed to capture the Italian devotional imagination.

Dr. Lloyd also has a newly published essay in the Journal of the History of Collections. It is the second part of a study of the collection of Cardinal Paluzzo Altieri (d. 1698). The first essay examined his picture collection. This essay turns to a broader range of material objects, including sculpture, tapestries, devotional objects, and naturalia, some of which, such as the American import, chocolate, reflect the globalization of the early modern world. As the nephew of Pope Clement X, Cardinal Altieri was once one of the most powerful men in Rome. After his uncle’s death his influence waned; this essay helps to understand the complex social and political life of such a cardinal, and how the arts and material culture functioned in a domestic setting. The essay can be accessed online by clicking here.