SBU ART Honors Project

SBU ART Honors Project

Honors Project: Spring 2020

Senior Honors Project in Studio Art

We are proud to present the Senior Honors projects for Spring 2020. Students who complete Honors Projects engage in research and artistic creation, which culminates in a written thesis statement and an exhibition of their work. The students who have undertaken the Senior Honors project are exemplary both artistically and academically. They have committed to planning and creating a substantial body of work under the mentorship of a faculty member during their senior year.

These projects often reach across disciplines to expand the conversation on a wide range of themes and issues. Students use this opportunity to challenge themselves with their ideas, techniques, and professionalism in installing their work in a public space for exhibition. The written component of the project gives the artist an opportunity to distill their ideas, clearly articulating the themes they explore in their visual work. This year, project media include photography, video, website design, drawing, painting, and printmaking. Honors Project themes include personal reflections on cultural traditions and familial relationships, personal anxieties, environmental and social concerns, and reflections and responses to the current pandemic.

Director of Undergraduate Studies:
Lorena Salcedo-Watson

Isak Berbic
Patricia Maurides
Howardena Pindell
Jason Paradis
Ian Alan Paul
Maya Schindler
Lorena Salcedo-Watson


Honors Project 13 students-images
From top left:
Yeonggyeong No, Nahee Lee, Nga Sze Sit, Loren Camberato, Katherine Maier,
Joey Ventura, Matthew Walsh, Boris Kishinevsky, Ciara Miles Lampa,
Ris Aguiló-Cuadra, Ysabel Grace Simon, Eileen Cheng, Timra Tomengo

Honors Program in Studio Art

The honors program is open to seniors majoring in Studio Art who have maintained a grade point average of at least 3.00 overall and 3.50 in the major. In completing a Senior Honors Project, students are expected to prepare a small one-person show or similar project, and a thesis statement under the supervision of a faculty advisor. The student’s project is judged by a jury composed of at least two members of the Department of Art.
If the honors program is completed with distinction, and the student achieves a 3.50 grade point average in all art courses taken in the senior year, honors are conferred.

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