Bio Lux, First Prototype 2015

Nagasawa’s idea to create an interactive sartorial art was manifested in “Synesthesia Playground” project, which was directed by “Young Steinway Artist” Jocelyn Ho in May 2016.  This video was taken by Nagasawa at her New York studio in fall 2015 as Jocelyn wears the first prototype of optical fiber attire. The inner white garment is designed by HUL ARNOLD.

The original function of clothing is to shield the human from weather conditions. The attire Nagasawa designed for the pianist flips this function inside out: it does not protect from the external environment but exposes and interacts with the internal physiology of her body.  In the final work, sensors on the pianist’s body detect the heartbeat, movement, and energy to act as triggers between the music and the illuminated woven optical fiber attire “Bio Lux.”

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