Far East- Far West 1999


A R B O R E S C E N C E :   B R A N C H I N G   L I K E  A  T R E E, Paradise Wood Sculpture Grove, Santa Rosa, California, 1999

Curator: Gay Shelton, Sonoma Museum of Visual Arts

steel, glass, sand, wood, sound


A large hourglass filled with sand from Kagoshima, Japan and Sonoma County, California stands in front of the vineyard opposite an oak grove.  As one turns the hourglass, it keeps time in dedication to the life of Kanaye Nagasawa, who left Kagoshima in 1865 at age 13 and by 1875 had become a master vintner in the Fountain Grove area.  Less than 20 years later, his vineyards had developed into some of California’s most important. Sound emanating from the wine barrel is also in commemoration of Kanaye Nagasawa’s vineyard.

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