Pulse 2006

R O N A L D   R E A G A N   U C L A  M E D I C A L  C E N T E R, Los Angeles, California, 2006

Commissioner: Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center

The concept for the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center is to visually represent the DNA molecule in the form of a stimulating information device. Recordings of Nagasawa’s heartbeat will be reflected in the actual light pul- sations coursing through the fiber-optic cables that comprise the sculpture. The hospital is invoked as a place of healing and sustaining life represented by the visual heartbeat. The DNA sculpture will be located at the front entrance of the grand staircase facing the people entering the hospital. The double helix will be 3’-6” feet in diameter and 48’-3 3/8” feet long. The sculpture will compliment the space of the entrance, hanging dynamically in a non-intrusive way between the staircase and the structural columns.

The structural frame is covered by optical fiber, which is suitable for both interior, and exhibition applications due to the light weight, durability, and higher fire rating. The entire DNA sculpture will be hung by aircraft cables attached to the ceiling. The optical fiber will be gathered into four 150W Metal Halide lamp illuminators housed both in the first floor ceiling level and behind the soffit above the landing. The recorded sound of Nagasawa’s heartbeat will generate the light to pulse slowly to create stimulating visual metaphors. Requiring the standard 120 volt, the illuminator requires low maintenance with a lamp life of 6,000 hours, which is approximately one lamp per every three years for 24 hours, 7 days use.

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