Sun Catcher 2014

Village of Sustainable Living, Oregon Institute of Technology, Klamath Falls, Oregon

Commissioned by Oregon Institute of Technology

Sizes of pods variable

Stainless steel, galvanized steel, cast polyurethane, photovoltaic cells, LED, tilt switch, resistor, rechargeable battery, electrical wiring

The goal is to demonstrate the Institute’s mission of sustainable living using wind and solar energy. The artwork creates a sense of place and belonging for resident students, and provides inspiration to think creatively about the environment.

During the day, photovoltaic cells attached to the seedpods generate electrical energy from the sun.  At sunset, the LEDs in the seedpods are lit.  With a breeze, the stems sway, switching the LEDs from on to off and back again.  Because of location and height, the individual reeds will sway at different rates, creating a moving multitude of red, blue or yellow points of light. Energy will be produced and consumed, making the invisible visible.


Artwork Design Goals

  • Animate the environment with functional artwork.
  • Work to be experienced from multiple vantage points

LEDs mounted to the tops of flexible stainless steel tubes create animated lighting.

  • Sustainability and LEED

Use of solar technology and the exchange of electrical of energy.


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