Maggie Avolio

Maggie Avolio is an emerging visual artist who works with ideas related to the body. Her work often incorporates fabric, thread, and other textiles to create sculptures and paintings that embody a quiet sense of oddity with a subtle essence of violence or an element of that which one cannot control.

Avolio was raised in a small rural town in Central New York and received a BFA in Studio Art and Art Education from The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY. She is currently pursuing her MFA in Studio Art at Stony Brook University where she was awarded a scholarship and teaching assistantship for which she teaches a foundation studio course.

Jasna Boudard

Multi-cultural Jasna Boudard is an internationally published photographer, artist, and model. Her artistic versatility and ability to combine media in imaginative ways has led to worldwide recognition. Multiple exhibitions in America, Europe, and Asia have featured her work. A true “citizen of the world”, her perpetual wanderlust originates from her diverse background and from constantly switching homes and continents. Her life and love are intertwined through her creations as she searches the globe for new visions.

Razieh Jafari

Razieh Jafari was born and grew up in Iran. She earned a BA in Industrial Design from University of Tehran, Iran. Currently, she is perusing her MFA in Studio Art at Stony Brook University, NY. She started painting miniatures at the age of 13, their influence continues in her work to this days. However, her work changed after entering MFA program, and lately, she is introducing contemporary concepts in her work. Jafari’s examines the relationship of the human to imagined world through the lens of magical realism. She materializes the issues of existing in an in-between space through human figures and unreal natures. By combining abstraction and realism in her paintings she works to catch glimpses of a magical third world.

Tanya Kaiser Robinson

Tanya Kaiser Robinson is an emerging visual artist. Born in Germany and raised in Ohio, she currently resides in New York. Her ceramic sculptures examine decidedly female themes while exploring and at times challenging preconceived notions of beauty. She is especially interested in the cultural silencing of women’s suffering, due to the societal stigma associated with the female form. By directly confronting these issues through her artwork, she hopes that her pieces may serve as a vehicle for further discussion on women’s roles, health, and bodily autonomy.

Tanya received her BFA from Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati, OH. She has exhibited her work in New York, Nevada, and in the Midwest. She is currently pursuing an MFA at Stony Brook University, where she received a teaching assistantship for her merits.

Rebecca Uliasz

Rebecca is a multi media artist who uses digital and physical materials to explore the relationship between collective and individual psychological memory and physical space. She holds a BFA in Studio Art and Digital Art from the University of Connecticut and is currently pursuing an MFA at Stony Brook University. She has exhibited in New York City, Long Island, California and New England and is currently living and working in New York State. She is pursuing a career in art education and programming and currently holds positions at Stony Brook University, where she was awarded a position as an Instructor of Drawing and the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a Studio Assistant in Studio Programs. In the past she has held positions as the Lesbensfeld Graduate Intern in the Education Department of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as positions at several children’s museums including the Lutz Museum.

Allison M Walters

Allison M Walters is a visual artist specializing in the constructed experience. She is interested in the intersection of human experience, authority, and the absurd.

Dewayne Wrencher

Dewayne Wrencher’s work is used to help facilitate dialogue on theoretic questions that deal with internal and external influences which may affect a person’s reality. Each Artistic study is essentially a visual representation of answers found in the conclusions of his research.