Maggie Avolio

MAGGIE AVOLIO is an emerging artist whose work explores time through repetitive processes like unthreading the weave of a canvas, obsessively stitching, or allowing materials to age and change. Her sculptures and drawings often merge traditional and nontraditional techniques and materials through simple gestures. Avolio was raised in a small town in Central New York and received a BFA in Studio Art and Art Education from The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY. She is currently pursuing her MFA in Studio Art at Stony Brook University where she received the Goldberger Fellowship for the 2017-2018 year and teaches two undergraduate foundations studio courses.

Jasna Boudard

JASNA BOUDARD is an international multidisciplinary artist. Her artistic practice explores visual nuances of movement, light, and space, focusing on the human body and its extensions. Her work is often diaristic, revealing the experiential and interactive process of creation. She works intuitively by engaging and reacting to lived moments and uses the camera and other mediums to produce “dream-like” reality. She frequently features performers, capturing their bodies in motion and highlighting the beauty of flow. This practice has led her to transform her visual work into immersive movement-based experiences. Jasna is half French / half Bangladeshi, and has migrated extensively throughout the world. She lived in Paris, Tangiers, Dhaka, Dallas, Barcelona, Tokyo, and is currently based in New York City where she is pursuing her MFA at Stony Brook University.

Razieh Jafari

RAZIEH JAFARI born and grew up in Iran. She earned a BA in Industrial Design from University of Tehran, Iran. Currently, she is perusing her MFA in Studio Art at Stony Brook University, NY. In her art practice she is somewhere in between traditional and contemporary art. Jafari trained as a miniature artist in early ages and by the end of middle school she also had learned the craft of Persian calligraphy. Later at university she was introduced to modern art. Transferring Iranian painting to contemporary concepts as demonstrated by new media is an interesting issue she pursues. By using this technique, in her artwork she captures the uncertainties of what is reality, the disturbance of narrative as a coherent and orderly construct, the latent enveloping presence of haunting memories and their impact on the ongoing experience of life.

Katherine Kaiser

KATHERINE KAISER is an abstract painter and drawer who is driven by the act of drawing, mark making and repetition. The energetic marks that she produces document the past and present. Each mark is associated with a different energy from a specific emotion. Kaiser starts each drawing making marks that are isolated from each other and individual. However, as her drawing process continues the marks start to speak to each other forming their own connections, a dialogue within the composition. Katherine considers these marks to be her own unique visual language, a statement representing her own journey through time. Katherine was born and raised on Long Island and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art with a minor in Art History at Providence College in Rhode Island. She is currently pursuing her Master of Fine Arts degree at Stony Brook University where she taught an undergraduate foundations studio course. Katherine is also a teacher at a privately owned art studio on Long Island where she teaches ceramics and mixed media.

Julia Miller

JULIA MILLER is a multimedia sculptor who predominantly uses found objects that are carefully chosen to present evidence of change or remind her of past experiences. Her works show the passing of time in two ways: on the surface level, time is present through a rich patina including, but not limited to, dents, rust, and scratches; time reveals more fundamental imperfections in other sculptures, showing its passage as well as inherent structural imperfections. Julia grew up on Long Island and got her Bachelors of Science in Art Education at the College of Saint Rose in Albany. Now she is pursuing her Masters of Fine Arts in Stony Brook University. She has been teaching in a New York facility for three years and is a current teaching assistant for an undergraduate course.

Lauren Ruiz

LAUREN RUIZ conceptually addresses ecological contamination, the excavation of natural resources, and the corrosive effects of human activity. Her research currently focuses on the amount of artificial plastics that exist within the human body at a cellular level, and on water scarcity and its relation to civil unrest. She is a mixed media artist working within apocalyptic narratives and dystopian environments. Her current practice uses fiction as a form of critical investigation and critique. She received a Bachelor of Science in Fine Art and Film Production at Hofstra University in 2012. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Fine Arts at Stony Brook University. She has held positions at Gallery Sensei and Takashi Murakami’s production studio, Kaikai Kiki LTD. and currently teaches undergraduate courses at Stony Brook University. She lives and works on Long Island, New York.

Joseph Santarpia

JOSEPH SANTARPIA is a contemporary painter working on of Long Island New York. He received his BS in Visual Art Education from SUNY New Paltz in 2017 and currently he is in the MFA program at Stony Brook University.  His work questions the reality of being human. He believes true humanity is expressed when unshakable internal forces are acted upon. These forces arrive within us from emotions such as anger and love. What we do in instances of anger, love, conflict, triumph, and actualization are gateways into the human experience. The artist’s purpose in capturing experiences of this kind is for us to recognize the human presence and to look closer at what it is that we feel during these moments.  with the exception of human expressions, the perception of feeling is non representational. That being said, Joseph’s work is comprised of an intentional collision between realistic and non-representational subject matter. He portrays both the physical human expressions and a metaphysical view of the mind and the body during moments of unshakable internal force. In order to create the aforementioned contrast of subject matter, the artist works with collage and water media painting in tandem.  Watercolor paintings and ink washes are individually rendered, then selectively and precisely cut out to serve as singular collage materials.