Bruce Lieberman

BRUCE LIEBERMAN, Adjunct Professor
M.F.A. Brooklyn College
Office: Staller Center for the Arts #421#

Bruce Lieberman has exhibited, lectured and taught internationally. His work is included in various public, museum, corporate and private collections as well as being exhibited in museums and galleries in New York, Long Island and Mexico. He was a recipient of the Charles G. Shaw Memorial Award and a USID award – “Academic Specialist” to the University of Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico. He was also a nominee for the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation, National Academy of Design and The American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Coming up in the New York Figurative art world of the 80’s, Bruce Lieberman is a painter whose work is embedded with humor, narrative and a personal symbolism. His work insists on an “aesthetic autonomy by not shying away from “no-nos” imposed by the contemporary art world, whether he is painting: nudes, garden chaos, dead fish, or the landscape of eastern Long Island. “ (paraphrase Jennifer Samet) Engrossed in a continual search for a personal iconography, his work is an auto-biographical unembarrassed examination with roots in the history of Art. Lieberman ultimately traces his artistic lineage to Hoffmann and to his close association with a group of painters who were responding to the orthodoxy of minimalism and formalist abstraction at the Figurative Alliance in downtown NY.” After a theft of narrative paintings from a show in NY he became associated with the Long Island landscape tradition/movement and was included in Ronald G. Pisano’s book, Long Island Landscape Painting in the 20th Century.