Nikki Georgopulos

Nikki Georgopulos is a MA/PHD student studying nineteenth-century French art. Her research primarily focuses on the painting of Edouard Manet and early discourses surrounding Realism, namely questions of religion and mythology in a post-Enlightenment context, the formulation of a Realist imaginary, the shifting status of the female body and its role as both a consumer and an object of consumption, and the phenomenological nature of the encounter of both the artist and the viewer with art at large.

She graduated with an interdisciplinary degree in History and Literature from Reed College, where she undertook an investigation into the historical philosophy of Walter Benjamin as realized in his Arcades Project, as well as its dialogues with Kant, Hegel, and Marx. She also holds a Postgraduate Certificate from the Association for Research into Crimes Against Art, where she researched and wrote on the state of archaeological property in Nazi-occupied Greece.