World Maker Faire NYC 2014

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World Maker Faire New York 2014

There are 700+ Maker Exhibits.
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September 20 – 21, 2014

Saturday 10:00am – 7:00pm | Sunday 10:00am – 6:00pm

The artist from Art Department:
Takafumi Ide has participated a collaborative project “WobbleWonder” with 3 artists.

Martha Hipley (concept, 3D modeling)
Takafumi Ide (concept, Leap Motion, sound effects)
Sophi Kravitz (concept, engineering, virtual Segway design)
Adelle Lin (concept, 3D space design)

New York Hall of Science

How to get there:

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URECA Art Exhibition 2014

Downloadable PDF invitation card click here

Exhibition: URECA Art Exhibition 2014
Duration: March 31 – April 17, 2014
Place: The SAC Art Gallery
Opening Reception: Tuesday, April 8th, 4:00 – 6:00PM
Gallery Hours: Monday 1pm-6pm, Tuesday 1pm-6pm, Wednesday 12pm-8pm, Thursday 1pm-6pm

John Barto, Isabella Bartoloni, Lauren Belcastro, Erin Brady, Courtney Brenner, Josh Brooks, Ana Castro, Andrea Cerini, Junchen Chen, Sarah Choi, James Dang, Carolyn Rose DeLena, Bobby Delli-Carpini, Julian Divierto, Ruhan Feng, Ryan Fleming, Nicholas Frizalone, Qiang Fu, Yoselin Gallegos, Carlene Gonzalez, Laura Hathaway, Asaf Harari, Alanna Horan, Yao Li Jiang, Hannah Keiffert, Farah Khandaker, Caroline Kratky, Benn Yiufat Lam, Jacqueline Lennon, Angell Lin, Kristin MacDougal, Nicholas Maggiore, Nicholas Marcella, Cameron Markarian, Erin McCaffrey, Zhengyan Mei, Christina Ng, Yekaterina Okouneva, Joseph Piccininni Jr., Maria Plotkina, Robert Pond, Megan Schiek, Christopher Setter, Sara Shores, Mackenzie Suben, Zi Tam, Samantha Tracy, Ashley Valla, Geena Waddle, Rebecca Walsh, Morgan T. Walters, Dillon Winegar, Tingting Xiao, Virna Zapata, Zijie Zhu

Sponsored by:
URECA Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities
Featured as part of the Shirley Strum Kenny Student Arts Festival

URECA Coordinators: Brian Frank and Karen Kernan
Exhibition Coordinator: Isak Berbic
Curatorial Assistants: Nicole Hixon, Heather Cruce, Logan Marks

(Image: Into the Woods, 2013, by Mindy Mosher: Winner of both the Dean of Students Prize and the Gallery North Award at URECA art exhibition 2013)


Assistant Professor, Zabet Patterson has won the prestigious 2012 Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant for New Book

Zabet Patterson, Assistant Professor of Art History & Criticism, and Assistant Professor in the Consortium for Digital Art, Culture and Technology, has won the prestigious 2012 Warhol Foundation | Creative Capital Arts Writers Grant for her new book project.

Visionary Machines: USCO, Techno-Utopia and Technocracy will be the first book to provide a historical and theoretical account of USCO, a group of poets, filmmakers, artists, and engineers who lived and worked as an artists’ collective from 1963 to 1966. USCO participated in a counterculture that straddled the Beats and the Hippies and intersected with figures from Silicon Valley, academia, and the art world, including Marshall McLuhan, Timothy Leary, Andy Warhol, Allen Ginsberg, Carolee Schneeman, John Cage, and Robert Rauschenberg. Widely influential during the 1960s, USCO was essentially lost to history because their work doesn’t fit into many of the traditional cultural and artistic narratives of the period. Nevertheless, USCO’s story offers a unique insight into the problems and possibilities of advanced computational technology, at a point when the world was shifting from the mechanical to the cybernetic age. Patterson will argue that USCO interrogated information technology without slipping into either melancholic fatalism or uncritical techno-utopianism. Instead, they created fictional worlds that fused scientific innovation with mystical exploration, while grappling with the rough work of building community.Zabet Patterson is assistant professor in the Department of Art at Stony Brook University, where she specializes in the intersection of contemporary art and computational media in the postwar period. Her recent articles include “Cybernetic Cinema: From the Gun Controller to the Mandala” in Grey Room and “POEMFIELDs and the Materiality of the Computational Screen” in Animation. She has presented on modern and contemporary art and computational media at symposia in Istanbul, London, Florence, Vancouver, Tokyo, and the United States, and has curated exhibitions on sound art and locative media. She received her PhD from the University of California, Berkeley in 2007.