Bird Songs Wind Songs 2005

S E A T T L E – T A C O M A  I N T E R N A T I O N A L  A I R P O R T N O R T H   E N T R Y  A R T   P L A N, Seattle Washington, 2005 Commissioner: Sound Transit   The art concept for the SeaTac Airport North entry building corresponds to the immediate natural landscape of the Pacific Northwest.  The flight pattern of the raven, speed data of the wind, and songs of the local birds will activate the space through light, sound, and form of the suspended sculpture in the canopy of the station platform. A 94’ long continuous curve of 225 frosted polycarbonate tubes are suspended from and centered within the station structure.  Each tube is 10’ from top to bottom and 2” in diameter.  All are 3” apart and range from 16’ to 23’ above the platform floor.  Within each tube is a green neon tube; at the bottom is a green light-emitting diode,  LED. The station platform is a connection between two destinations; it is not a destination in and of itself; it is neither here nor there. The goal is to recall the myths of indigenous people, evoke the experience of flight and flying, and represent the multi-layered sensuous experience throughout the station, from the underside of the aerial guide way through the mezzanine and the platform level. The work will explore the relationship between nature—real-time wind conditions, local birds’ flight patterns, bird songs—and the functions of the airport. It also aims to enhance awareness of such natural phenomena by rending what are normally invisible as a vividly visual experience.  The hope is that travelers retuning home and visitors just arriving at Seattle will recall the magic of flight during this brief transitional moment.

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