Crossings 2014

Crossings  2013

Terrazzo floor pattern, slate floor tiles with stainless steel inlay, engraved concrete,

stainless steel open book

Commissioned by the State of Connecticut for Quinebaug Valley Community College

through the Department of Public Works and the Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism

A DNA double helix in blue and white terrazzo crosses the lobby floor, and is repeated as an engraved outline on the exterior courtyard.  The double helix contains the instructions necessary for the development of life.  It is a symbol for learning; receiving instructions to develop life’s journey.

A series of slate tiles with inlayed stainless steel symbols are part of the tiled lobby floor, which are also etched into the concrete surface of the exterior courtyard.  They include ancient cultural emblems and metaphors for knowledge, wisdom, growth, and the passage of life.

A large open book is fixed in place in the courtyard.  The words Imagine and Inspiration along with an iconic key are cut through the pages.  The words and key are illuminated on the concrete surface when sunlight passes through them.

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