Flotilla 2010

Commissioned by the University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida

Four Boats: 20”(h) x120”(l) x 22”(w) / Stainless steel, Glass, LED, DMX controller

Architect: Rick Rowe

The four boat sculptures are hung in the atrium of a new Business School of University of Florida. They represent a visual metaphor for the historical of commerce that took place in the region by the Native Americans. The Glass spheres similar to fishing floats, once used by fishermen in Florida, are placed inside the boats.

Glass floats do not work by themselves, but once large fishnets are strung together to drift in the ocean, the glass floats give them buoyancy. They are emblematic of individuals who must work in teams to succeed in navigating their path. Pulsating LED lights within each glass sphere are visual interpretation of the sounds recorded in the springs at Geological State Park near the University of Florida.

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