Imagination 1993-1996

V E R M O N T   S Q U A R E   B R A N C H   L I B R A R Y, Los Angeles, California, 1993-1996

Commissioner: City of Los Angeles, Cultural Affairs Department

Award: Design Excellence Award for Architecture and Public Art, 1997

oak wood

The concept and context of this artwork, installed at the oldest branch library in Los Angeles, emphasizes a library’s function as a social gathering place for reading, learning, and discovering. Nagasawa designed eleven oak stools whose shapes form letters that together spell out the word IMAGINATION. Imagination is one of the original sub-divisions of the Dewey decimal system.  The stools were placed in the children’s reading and learning section of the library. The project received Design Excellence Award for Architecture and Pubic Art by the Los Angeles Board of Cultural affairs Department.

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