Landscape of Life 2002

A R T I S T S   T O  A R T I S T S :  A  D E C A D E   O F   T H E   S P A C E   P R O G R A M   O F T H E   M A R I E   W A L S H   S H A R P E   F O U N D A T I O N, Ace Gallery, New York, New York, 2002

O P E N   S T U D I O S

The Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation, New York, New York, 2002

salt, steel, glass, sand, video projector


Salt is one of the basic minerals produced by the earth. For centuries, it has been used throughout the world to preserve food. During the Open Studios, a short film was projected on the wall and a bed of rock salt and eggs cast in salt.  Salt is contained in tears, and is a symbol of pain and sorrow. Each egg, which is approximately the same size as a human brain, represents memory, and the fragility of life.

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